These are the winners


Since 1993, EPAM has leveraged its core engineering expertise to become a leading global product development and digital platform engineering services company. EPAM specializes in bringing innovative technology solutions to life sciences and healthcare, helping guide these organizations and their patients from research to real-world therapy


RxPrism offers many innovative products and services to engage healthcare professionals (HCPs), patients, and medical representatives (MRs). RxKIOSK (personalized kiosk on every patient’s hand) is one of RxPrism’s products presented for EDUCARE challenge.

Smart Stock

TYM is a provider for Pharma companies with wide knowledge about the industry technology and service standards. We focus on innovation solutions, business intelligence, business consultancy and customer engagement. 

Our experience covers from sales effectiveness systems for European countries to innovative solutions for Healthcare in central Africa

The finalists

Doctrina is transforming traditional transfer of knowledge. The platform enables pharmaceutical companies to publish educational content about their products and optimize the educational process. Pharmacists can access new knowledge 24/7 which helps them to offer patients’ a professional and competent advice. Making knowledge accessible anytime and anywhere.

Medivizor is a multi-award- winning health information and patient education platform already helping tens of thousands of patients & dozens of partners. Medivizor personalized and makes understandable and actionable cutting-edge medical science making the process of finding relevant, trustworthy, and understandable medical science feasible.

Intelia is a tech company focused in the design and development of tech solutions, particulary solutions for mobile devices in combination to different types of sensors.  HealthPoint is a company focused in the development of Engineering and Process Improvement projects in organizations, based on technology. -


FocalCXM LLC are a Product Development Services Firm passionate about crafting remarkable experiences. One industry at a time. They are an agile company that has over 15 years of collective experience in working with Life Sciences and Hospitality companies. Passionate about making enterprise software delightful and crafting remarkable experiences for enterprise users and their customers.

HeartIn Inc. Company was founded in Silicon Valley by a group of like-minded investors who had achieved success in fields as varying as a business, information technology, and medicine. Our full-featured service with our line of devices, applications, cloud storage and consultations can be useful for healthy people and cardiac patients.

A team with a long lasting experience working with drug management (whole processes from purchase, to delivery follow-up, stock management and analysis) in all sorts of settings (hospitals, primary care, pharmacies). We also know very well the needs of Pharma companies worldwide.

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