Lebanese oncologists face challenges to stay updated with their practice, mainly due to time constraints. The vast amount of data that is being published in the field, and their clinical and academic responsibilities, are the main reasons for these time limitations.


The opportunity

MSD Lebanon aims to enter into a co-creation process with an external partner that provides the service that includes the use of a digital solution that helps oncologists to stay updated with relevant clinical content about cancer updates. The applicant must be able to provide both the content and the technological platform to deliver it to the Lebanese doctors.


Expected functionality and characteristics

The applicant must be able to manage the whole life-cycle of the content : identification, selection, tagging, uploading. 


Besides, the digital solution must be: user friendly, trustable, multi-channel, multi-content, customizable, adherent, measurable, restricted to Lebanese oncologists, provide printed copies of content, comply with security and privacy.


Any technology is welcome with the exception of chatbots.


Required language


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