Edu care

Getting the most out of the waiting room


At healthcare professionals ́ waiting room around the globe there is a repeated scenario: inattentive patients spend their time before being seen by their healthcare professionals. Sometimes playing with their smartphones, reading magazines or simply counting the seconds on the wall clock. In the best case they will have the option to watch a silent TV with corporate content that includes health tips.


MSD believes that this "dead time" is a huge opportunity to add value to patients regarding how to improve their overall health, learn about their condition or improve the management of their disease.


This opportunity has been already recognized in the past. However current approaches do not seem to reach their full potential because they fail to engage the audience, encapsulate limited content or do not motivate enough the healthcare professionals or the hosting organization to promote them.


MSD would like to reward innovative engagement approaches or solutions resulting in educating patients (i.e. transferring trust-worthy health related information) from the waiting room.


The solution should be easy and motivational for all: the patients, the clinical staff and the owner of the waiting room (the hosting institution, eg. a clinic or hospital). It should engage and motivate as many people as possible, ideally across all generations.


In order to exemplify the solution on concrete areas, MSD asks to use the following in the presentation of solutions:

  • Diabetes: Non trivial information about the disease and how to manage it (specially medication adherence) 
  • Vaccines: Vaccines importance and time table of required and mandatory vaccines 

Expected outputs

Proposed solutions are expected to raise the level of knowledge on specific health topics in a way that is memorable and useful to the patient.  The solution should:

  • Have a persuasive value proposition for the 3 key stakeholders: patients, clinical staff and the hosting institution.
  • Be cost-effective. High cost solutions are out of scope.
  • Be easy to implement and maintain.

The solutions should be aware of the constrains pertinent to these spaces, in particular:  

  • No prize or reward or any other transfer of value can be made to the clinical staff, patient, or the hosting institution.
  • Solution can not be a take away for the patients, and ideally should be free for them.

Please refer to the rules for further information on permissible solutions