Creating MEMORABLE experiences for healthcare professionals


Nowadays, pharmaceutical launches are becoming harder and more competitive. In some cases, MSD products are neither the only nor the first player in the market. Besides, clinical data can be comparable with the products of other laboratories.


Healthcare professionals tend to prescribe the products that they are familiar with and knowledgeable about (what is known as  ́top of mind ́). Therefore, all pharmaceutical companies focus on face-to-face interaction done by representatives (reps) as an anchor for the exchange of product scientific information with the healthcare professionals.


It is hard for the healthcare professionals to remember the features and value of MSD products due to the limited time they spend with MSD reps, the overall number of reps the see per week (more than 10) together with the cognitive overload and fatigue of dealing with approximately 4 products per interaction.  


On average, 87% of healthcare professionals contacts with pharmaceutical sales reps last less than two minutes, which is not enough for impactful product discussion.


Currently MSD sales reps are equipped with Tablets and Laptops for their daily job. However, based on experience, using them in the wrong way can distract the physician from the conversation.

The need

Help MSD reps to set themselves apart from the other reps while interacting with healthcare professionals. MSD is looking for innovative solutions or approaches to support the interaction with healthcare professionals in an ethical unique, engaging and memorable manner.

Expected outputs

Innovative, engaging and impactful solution or approach for having scientific discussions with healthcare professionals and key stakeholders, taking full advantage of the MSD product studies, clinical papers and scientific materials. The solution or approach should be cost-effective. Please refer to the rules for further information on permissible solutions