Worldwide participants are welcome to apply

Conversations with local teams, mentors and MSD leaders will be held in English.

Country to be implemented first: TURKEY

Required solution language: Turkish is compulsory. The solution interface can be in English


MSD is having difficulty to reach anaesthesiologists to share the benefits of using Deep Block (DB) until the end of operations. Deep Block improves surgical conditions as it decreases the movement of the muscles and increases the volume at the operation area.

The main reason for not reaching them is their busy workload and the time spent at operation rooms, where MSD representatives cannot enter.

Relevant information: 

  • Anaesthesiologists’ most critical job is usually at the beginning and at the end of an operation. Once the surgeon has started the operation, it is less busy time for anaesthesiologists that can do to other tasks, including the use of smart phones.
  • The number of anaesthesiologists in Turkey is around 5.000. Around half of them work at University or Research hospitals where there are 20-30 anaesthesiologists including assistants. 
  • They have few hours per week allocated for education in University and Research hospitals, devoted mostly to review literature. In State hospitals, they do not even have that time allocation. As a result, they need to devote their free time for their continuous education and professional development.
  • They are eager to learn about commonly used & new techniques, especially when it is very practical.

Apart from the educational and time restriction challenges described above, Anesthesiologists and Surgeons don’t find the time between the large number of procedures they perform to learn and share about the benefits of different procedures like deep block which creates a large room for improvement in their communication and the way they interact. 

Need/opportunity  description

MSD Turkey is looking for (digital) solutions to solve at least one of the following problems for anaesthesiologists:

  • Education, e.g. while at the operation room.
  • Communication/ team building with surgeons. 

Within this context, we expect relevant content should be delivered interactive and engaging formats (e.g. videos, games, trivial) rather than long text articles.

The solution should minimally interoperate (if at all) with hospital resources, like electronic health records, to accelerate wide adoption.

Who is impacted?

Main target:

  • Anaesthesiologists.

Other potential stakeholders:

  • Surgeons
  • Physician associations (e.g. TARD)

Reasons why this is happening

  • Workload for anaesthesiologists.
  • Cultural aspects with surgeons

What successful outcomes are expected?

  • Number of anaesthesiologists actively using the solution on a regular basis.
  • Increased usage of Deep Block procedure within anaesthesiologists.

Preferred relationship model

MSD initially aims for a sponsorship model, where apart from the $20.000 grant, it will support the company with the: 

  • Creation/adaptation of the digital solution to the Turkish market, including regulation, relevant information, etc.
  • Access and networking with scientific societies to get approvals, e.g. with TARD, as well as with Scientific Leaders from Turkish academic institutions.
  • Support market rollout leveraging national MSD channels.

What would mean that the relationship has been successful in 1 year

  • The solution is successfully launched in Turkey.
  • A promotional campaign has been executed leveraging national MSD channels.
  • It is downloaded or accessed by at least X* Turkish anaesthesiologists.
  • Y* users accesses the solution on a regular basis (at least once per week).
  • Z* users have accessed Deep Block related information.

*Note: The targeted numbers will be quantified during co-cocreation with the local MSD team.

What we have tried in the past?

Clinic Meetings where MSD invites all physicians (once or twice per year).

  • Congress sponsorship.
  • Sales representative detailing.
  • Email campaigns.