Diabetes guru

Worldwide participants are welcome to apply

Conversations with local teams, mentors and MSD leaders will be held in English.

Country to be implemented first: EGYPT

Required language: English (If in Arabic as well, it will be a plus). The solution interface can be in English


Healthcare professionals (HCPs) dealing with diabetes have time pressures that limits their capability to stay updated with state of the art in diabetes management. Trusted sources to update themselves include the guidelines produced by ADAIDF or AACE.  

For optimizing their diabetes management, it would be valuable to have convenient access to trusted sources of information. For example, regarding:  

  • Diagnosis of diabetes type 1 and 2. 
  • Cardiovascular disease & risk management. 
  • Microvascular complication & foot care. 
  • Diabetes in pregnancy & older adults. 
  • Diabetes & liver. 

They also need to do some calculations about risk factors, Body Mass Index, carb counting and insulin balance.

Need/opportunity  description

MSD aims to support Egyptian HCPs dealing with diabetes with a (digital) solution to facilitate access to relevant and updated information on diabetes management and/or to perform calculations. 

The solution should be easy to use and engaging, while cost-effective. 

The information presented must be trusted by the Egyptian HCPs. Please bear in mind that the challenge is not so much that the information is accessible through the solution, but rather that the solution is appealing, convenient and motivates engagement over time

Who is impacted?

HCPs treating diabetes:  

  • Endocrinologist. 
  • Internal medicine. 
  • General Practitioners (primary care)

Reasons why this is happening

  1. Diabetes is a very dynamic field with many medical updates and different guidelines. 
  2. Lack of time for researching recent updates

What successful outcomes are expected?

  • Number of HCPs actively using the solution on a regular basis. 
  • MSD is recognized as an actor that delivers value to the (Egyptian) healthcare landscape, especially on diabetes. 

Preferred relationship model

MSD initially aims for a sponsorship model where, apart from the $20.000 grant, it will support the company with the:  

  1. Creation/adaptation of the digital solution to the Egyptian market, including regulation, sources of information, etc. 
  2. Access and networking with scientific societies to get approvals, as well as Scientific Leaders from Egyptian academic institutions. 
  3. Support market rollout leveraging national MSD channels. 

What would mean that the relationship has been successful in 1 year

  • The solution is successfully launched in Egypt. 
  • A promotional campaign has been executed leveraging national MSD channels. 
  • It is downloaded or accessed by at least X* Egyptian HCPs. 
  • Y users access the solution on a regular basis (at least once per week). 


*Note: The targeted numbers will be quantified during co-cocreation with the local MSD team. 

What we have tried in the past?

Face to face communication. 

Univadis service (www.univadis.org/ ).