Worldwide participants are welcome to apply

Conversations with local teams, mentors and MSD leaders will be held in English.

Country to be implemented first: UKRAINE

Required solution language: Ukrainian and desirable Russian. The solution interface can be in English


The participation in big conferences and medical events is one of MSD´s important channels of promotion.

Main motivation of visitors for attending conferences are:

  • Learn about new treatment approaches, for example what new Antibiotics (AB) are available.
  • Interact with other colleagues. 

However, there is currently low engagement and exchange at MSD exhibition booth due to visitors´ perceptions that:

  • All companies have the same exhibition activities.
  • No need to interact at the booth as already have everything they need.

When approaching a booth, the main drivers usually are:

  • Get latest information about products, trials or diagnostic methods.
  • Hands-on training.

Need/opportunity  description

MSD is interested in experimenting innovative (digital) proposals to attract visitors to its booths to deliver a memorable and informative experience, that helps MSD to be regarded as a valuable reference in the field.

The challenge is to go beyond visitor expectations with an outstanding proposal that delivers a unique experience based on a valuable exchange of information.

The solution should be cost-effective and according to MSD compliance rules (see Terms and Conditions).

Who is impacted?

Though the solution should be applicable for any MSD product, the Ukrainian team would like to start with the promotion of Zerbaxa, an antibiotic used to treat adults with complicated bacterial infections.

Zerbaxa targeted audience during medical conferences is:

  • Age: 30-55
  • Specialties: surgeons and Intensive Care Unit specialists
  • Gender: 90% are men
  • Preferred channels for learning: conferences, simulation tools and video.

The communication challenges in the context of Zerbaxa are:

  • Not all Ukrainian doctors are aware or motivated regarding antimicrobial resistance and the measures needed to minimize its consequences.
  • Information overload: a lot of international and domestic companies present antibiotics.
  • Perception that all companies present the same results on antimicrobial efficacy.
  • It has the highest price on the market (4-5 times higher than competitors) so the value proposition has to be clearly presented.

Reasons why this is happening

  1. Visitors do not believe there is benefit by interacting at booths.
  2.  All exhibiting companies attract practically in the same format.
  3. Short time availability during breaks between sessions.
  4. Information overload.
  5. Target audience live in VUCA environment with constant challenges and are involved in other ongoing changes.

What successful outcomes are expected?

  • Total number of visitors at MSD booth.
  • % of increase versus comparable previous events.
  • Satisfaction survey results.

Preferred relationship model

  • Rent the service or solution as per event basis.
  • During co-creation phase, the average related costs per event will be assessed.
  • 20k$ funding will be then leveraged to put it in production.

The Ukrainian MSD team can also support in the development/adaptation of the content in the required language(s), and provide cultural clues to optimize adaptation to local preferences.

What would mean that the relationship has been successful in 1 year

  • Solution has been tested in a number* of events.
  • Solution has helped to reach an increase in the number of visitors to the booth
  • Attendees satisfaction survey above a certain target.

*The concrete targets will be proposed and negotiated during the co-creation and deployment phases.

What we have tried in the past?

Interactive panels

Interactive quizzes

Speaker corner with refreshments

Autograph sessions with Scientific Leaders

Promotion of medical services (Medinfo)