Frequently Asked Questions

Have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions to have everything under control!

The initiative

Who is behind the Innovation Factory? Which is the role of MSD?

MSD Innovation Factory has been established as an open innovation vehicle for MSD MEA Region (Middle East and Africa). 


What is MSD MEA? And MSD Lebanon?

MEA is one of the most diverse regions within MSD, with a footprint that spans across 2 continents and serving a population of close to 1.7 billion people. 


MSD Lebanon is part of this region, which is the local market for this edition. As a subsidiary of MSD, we invite our customers to visit our  International Site while we continue our progress on building the local site for Lebanon.


Which is the role of Ticbiomed?

Ticbiomed supports MSD with the organization of the initiative due to its expertise in digital health.

Participants & Applications

Can I apply to a challenge if I am not Lebanon-based?

Worldwide participants are welcome to participate. English will be the working language.


Which languages should the solution be developed in?



What kind of solutions are eligible?

Any technology is welcomed, with the exception of chatbots.


What do I have to do to participate?

Simply submit your application via YouNoodle before 21st December. You will have to register in the online YouNoodle tool first.


What are the judging criteria?

  • Solution fit to the proposed need, considering the expected outcomes (50% weight)
  • Feasibility of success in 12 months (30% weight)
  • Competitive advantage: innovativeness and uniqueness of the solution (20% weight)

What’s next if I am selected?

You will be contacted in January 2018. Finalists will receive mentorship to improve their initial proposal before attending the Selection Event. These sessions will be led by business experts from Ticbiomed and MSD.


Finalists and Selection Event

How many finalists will participate in the selection event?

Up to 4


How many winners will be selected? 

A winner will be selected among the four finalists. 


What does the Selection Event consist of?

During the Selection event, the 4 finalist teams will pitch in front of an expert MSD jury that will select the winner. The event will include networking and keynote presentations from MSD business leaders and experts. As examples, in the 2017 edition, we had MSD president and CIO for MEA. 


Is it compulsory to attend the event? 

Attending physically is compulsory. 


Does the competition cover travel expenses?

Each finalist company will receive €400 to cover travel expenses. Up to 2 people per company can travel, but the coverage is per company.


What do the winners get?

The prize will consist of up to $20,000 to roll-out the solution in the following 12 months, together with other types of support. 


What happens with the remaining finalists?

They will network and receive direct insight from the jury and the other participants during the Selection event. 

The Final Event & Winners

How much time the winners of the challenge would be required to spend in Lebanon during the 12-month creation process?

Apart from the face to face participation of the finalist selection, no specific time is required to be spent in the market. The solver will partner with the local team to get access to what they need from the country or customer during the installation phase. 


Which are the phases and duration of the process? 

  • Due diligence and signing of co-creation agreement. 2 months
  • Solution co-design. 1 month
  • Solution development or adaptation. 3 months
  • Solution testing with selected users. 1 month
  • Public roll out. 1 month
  • Gathering of feedback and adaptation. Till the end of pilot

Does the winner retain full ownership of the digital solution at the end of the creation period and have the right to provide it to other customers that are not in any way affiliated with MSD?

Yes, the whole IP belongs to the company. As part of the co-creation, some benefits over market conditions are expected, to be negotiated prior to the co-creation.


As an example, in our previous experiences (2016 & 2017) the solving team is holding the IP but MSD gets exclusivity in a specific geography throughout a license fee but further discussion are needed before the finalist selection to agree on what is best for both teams.


For the public roll-out of the service, are we correct to say that the digital solution will be clearly promoted as being supported by, but independent of, MSD?

The initially preferred model is that it will be independent but depending on co-creation it can be discussed further. Nevertheless, if there are any, they will be always decided in agreement together with the winning company. 


More questions?

See the full terms and conditions for more information. 

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